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April 16, 2014

Student Bulletin

Welcome to Elgin High School

Late Start Tuesdays

****Due to testing next week we will NOT have a late start day on Tuesday, April 22nd. We will run on the traditional bell schedule.****

We will run on the late start schedule every Tuesday to accommodate teacher meetings for the remainder of the school year.
Busses will run as normal. Students will wait in commons until the bell rings @ 8:30 for 1st period. All other students  please report no later than 8:30 am on these days.

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Tardy Reduction Plan

Dear parents, Elgin High School has been struggling with a tardy issue this year.  Three years ago we adopted the use of PLASCO Trac which quickly scans tardy students and provides them an admit slip to class.  While this technology allowed us to track which students were tardy and quickly get them to class, it did not issue immediate consequences, and inadvertently removed the human interaction that often occurs when students are tardy.  While the majority of students at EHS DO get to class on time, there were large numbers of students who were taking advantage of the system. The increased number of tardies was having a negative impact on other areas of the school.  Students loitering in the halls were contributing to interpersonal conflicts.  Multiple interruptions to class time as students entered late was impacting instruction, and there was an overall sense that learning was optional.  The number of students tardy to any given class was having too big of a negative impact on our school to not address it. This is not the first step in trying to attack this problem.  We first attempted to use PLASCO Trac to issue consequences aimed at removing certain privileges such as attending a function or sporting event.  We’ve tried setting school goals or challenges to reduce tardies.  We’ve met with individual students to provide behavioral interventions.  We’ve taught our expectations and made it clear that on-time behavior to class is important.  None of this had much effect.  In fact, students repeatedly told us that students are late to class because there did not appear to be any real consequences for being late.  We appreciated their candor.  It was true. As a result of repeated attempts to tackle this issue and in response to student feedback, we have implemented a new approach to dealing with tardies at EHS.  First, we clearly taught our expectations once again to every student regarding getting to class on time and what our new approach was going to be.  Secondly, we initiated a two-minute “movement” bell that sounds two minutes prior to the beginning of class.  This bell informs students that they must start moving to class in order to be on time.  Thirdly, we have asked teachers to be out in the halls encouraging students to get to class.  For those teachers who are in their classroom preparing to teach, we are asking them to close their doors when the final bell rings.  Any student still in the hallway when class has started is then “swept” into the auditorium for that period.  Those students also receive a two hour detention that must be served within 48 hours. When students are swept into the auditorium, they receive a presentation once again on the importance of school and on-time behavior.  This is a re-teaching moment that aligns with our PBIS philosophy.  If students are repeatedly swept into the auditorium on/during any given day, or identify themselves as being repeatedly late to class, they receive more intense interventions and/or consequences.  We have already had several conferences with parents regarding their children’s inability to get to class on time. We started this program on Monday, and we have already seen a drastic reduction in the number of students who are tardy to class.  Of our 2300 students, an average of 30 were tardy to any given period on the first day.  During the last four days, we have averaged roughly 10 tardy students per class.  The reduction in tardies is amazing.  Students are moving to class and teachers are reporting an overall positive response to our initiative. We understand that sometimes students are tardy for reasons out of their control.  With the few numbers of students actually being tardy, we can now easily review their tardy history and determine the appropriate consequences for that student.  Students with no or very few tardies are simply given a pass to class.  Once again, our students who are repeatedly late to class are now easily identified for additional interventions. We still struggle with students tardy to first period.  It is the period with the largest number of late students.  Please remember that first period begins at 7:40.  Due to the large numbers of students arriving to school via car, traffic congestion is created.  It is necessary for students to arrive no later than 7:20 in order to get to class on time.  Students late to first period are still subject to our tardy sweeps.  If you call in an excuse for a tardy, please leave a message and our attendance secretary will record it before the day is over.  If your child receives a consequence, it will be cleared once that message is received and recorded. Thank you for your understanding and support as we tackle this large issue.  It is a big change for our students but they are responding responsibly and appropriately.  Seeing clear hallways even before the final bell rings, is proof that this system does in fact work. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at school via phone or email. Sincerely, Jerry Cook Principal

Truancy Fines

The City of Elgin has recently implemented an Adjudication Court.  In conjunction with the City of Elgin, Elgin High School will begin issuing truancy citations to students who violate the city’s truancy statute.  Students who habitually miss class and or school will be given a written warning, and may be issued a $100 fine  and notice to appear in court.

One of the Nation’s Best Schools

Elgin High School was recently recognized as one of the Nation’s top schools by US News and World Report!  We are currently ranked 56th out of over 600 high schools in Illinois for college readiness.  The number of students we have taking Advanced Placement classes, and scoring a 3, 4, or 5 on the Advanced Placement exams helped determine that ranking.  We prepare students for college.

Elgin High School ranked #56 in the State.

Elgin High School ranked #56 in the State.


Elgin High School is a safe place for all students.  If you need to report an incidence of bullying, please call 847-238-2432

Mr. Cook

——————————————————————————————- Access Elgin High’s Interactive Report Card → Mission Statement:  It is our purpose to create and sustain a safe and positive educational environment that will help each student grow to his or her potential intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically, to become a lifelong learner who is a responsible, contributing member of our community.

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